My life, Your Career

I’m struggling.

For the first time in a while I don’t know where to begin and what to write.

“Start from the beginning”, they say; “jot down some points and go from there”, they advise. But it doesn’t allow me to portray the way it began. It doesn’t allow me to show you how my focus became clear. How I came from a complete different mindset, to this route I’ve chosen.


I want to make a change. I need to make a change.


This route allows me to, hopefully, make the change. The route that permits me to divulge into my creative intellect and explore the three elements my mind is drawn to in order to gain this.

Literature, Business and Fashion.


Initially, when I was around 13-14 years old, I had planned my whole career ahead; I was determined to be the best at a scientific subject, and then land a career with a pharmaceutical or medicinal background.


But then something was altered.


A chance to experience business had become apparent. Activities based on enterprise and trade, and the usage of creative mindsets was brought upon me. Every moment was something I appreciated; it felt rather natural while succeeding in the tasks given.


This broadened my career plans and gave me an insight into other potential options. Business was definitely enjoyable, and with further research, I learnt it was also great as a career path.


At this point, I was still very young, naive, and also quite the opposite of a fashion indulgent. I wore bright coloured jeans with weird t-shirts, or joggers with hoodies, my hair always up with goggles for glasses and not a single piece of makeup in my drawers.


But, I had a little secret. Out of boredom, I’d love to draw and design. Of course, this was not something I publicly displayed; I didn’t particularly think to be any good. It was only but a hobby I enjoyed when there was nothing better to do.


When I aged a little on to my later teens, I began showing my friends the small sketchbook I had compiled. They loved it. “Why is this still on paper?” They questioned; “Wow, I didn’t know you drew!” Is what they exclaimed; “Career this” they demanded.


By instinct, I decided to merge the two; fashion and business. Oh what a wonderful combination it is. And that partially leads to where I am today: in the midst of discovering success in this blend.


Literature has always been something I’ve had a love for. Poetry, novels, and short stories; the perfect way to swim into the depths of my imagination. Like a film playing in my mind. Yet again, this was only acknowledged after college had ended. I wanted to write. I wanted to inspire. Again, having the goal of wanting to make a change. Blow your minds away; just the way the authors blew mine.


With encouragement, I introduced my blog. I was afraid, nervous. I didn’t want people to laugh. I needed inspiration. I needed motivation. And that is what fuelled my opening post.

“You have a way with words” I got told. “Use it, capture their minds and change the world” they encouraged. “I have faith in you” they believed.


And this is the reason I write.


This is the reason for my ongoing motivation.


Look around you, and gain inspiration from the littlest details. Your past, your present, your future. It’s all based on the ongoing motives you face; a decision can never be fully made. There will always be an adjustment with the way it is carried out, there will always be a hurdle.


Use it.


And when you’re ready,

Capture their minds.


Change the world.


By Raiyana Sheikh

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